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  • "Thing works so better. Jillian. We all know you're getting pissed off at this. Swimming is a f---ing waste of your little b-"
  • "Maybe you don't have a reason to be rude. Megan, Megan, Megan. We all know 'it' is an understatement for me."
  • "*You're Butthurt? I'm just telling the rude ones to get their fingers out of their asses. Like you."
  • "Really. The only whore here is you, maybe the occasional newbies who are sex lovers."
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    "Yeah.. That's not a reason. Try again."
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  • animephen
    "It obviously must be bothering you. Mm, nice, lovely chicken."
  • animephen
    "Aww, look that that, blacky's trying to make it all better. Why don't we give her some cake as a reward for best jerk of the month, eh? Or c..."
  • animephen
    "Another newbie who can spell properly, oh boy, you weren't expecting that. And yeah. I know the chick's black. I haven't wast"
  • animephen
    "u hate people a lot lol i think its stoopid u shut ur wht moth"
  • hi im kit
    "lol who r u guz"
  • confession.
    "lol dis is 2 funneh!!1!"

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