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  • "Hey. I'm trying to move on from this impossible crush, so I'm starting to ignore him and block him from my life. Yes I shouldn't, but"
  • "Hello. I'm sorry for disturbing your thread, but do you know anything about a Windows XP computer that's stuck on the 'Logging off...' scree..."
  • "... It would be nice if someone would help. My dad's asleep and I don't want to wake him since he has to get up for work at 3"
  • Google vs. Bing
    "Google. Bing is s---, unless you're talking about Chandler Bing."
  • "It's been an hour and it's still stuck on the blue "Logging off..." screen. I'm scared if it stays like that for the whole night, it's gonna..."
  • "I'm sick of it. Period. Tbh, I've never been bullied this badly and i'm NOT going to let her win. I've done NOTHING to her, yet she tries to..."
  • Bob
    "Well if it isn't 'Bob'."
    "Relevant title because I'm watching it ^.^ Anyone on?"
  • Bob
    "Who else cried when he sacrificed himself? And honestly? All the demigods were brave but I think Nico was the bravest this time "
  • "Guys, I doubt AnimePhan or BP, whatever, is really that bad anymore... Idk, just the way people act towards her honestly is a little overboa..."
    "The Zane era was pre awesome. Just saying."
  • Would you rather?
    "Apollo Logan Lerman or Robert Patterson"
  • Would you rather?
    "That is a really hard question ._. I would rather murder myself. Get killed by Medusa or the Minotaur?"
  • "Reshuffling list because I feel like it X3 How You Remind Me- Nickelback Summertime Sadness- Lana Del Ray Young and Bea"
  • Treadmill
    "Anyone do it?"

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