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  • Christian music
    "I love music!!!! I helps me have a connection to God. I think I have a lot of favorite artists... but one of my favs is Jamie Grace. And my ..."
  • "I think the title and sub-title says it all....."
  • No Subject
    "I am bored... any one out here?"
  • "Any emotion... react in a dramatic way to this scenerio: Your boyfriend comes to your house and says that his parents just died in a car acc..."
  • "I'm starting an onling play/movie and I'm the director. Now @Teresa22 you can start by making up a line with passion."
  • Selena Gomez
    "Speaking as a on-looker, and third party with no personal interest in the matter (from she is the man) I think everyone needs to calm down a..."
  • Team Peeta or Gale?
    "...(thinking deeply)"
  • Selena Gomez
    "I like Selena. I'm just not crazy bout her. So glad that she is blessed with her talents and am happy that she has found someone she likes (..."
  • No Subject
  • "who will audition first?"
  • ""
  • No Subject
  • "cool songs guys!!! :D"
  • "To Kierra_LOVE: Not to push my beliefs down your throat (That is not what I am trying to do!) But darkness and pain is caused by the "
  • "I like some of them, but I'm mostly pop! :)"

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