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  • hey! get on youtube.
    "you gotta use the "this week" filter"
  • hey! get on youtube.
    "angelica and daylynn, what is love. (or something like that) let me know what you think. :)"
  • Xbox or playstation?
    "playstation, Duhh!!!"
  • "my ex-boyfriend called me, and was going on and on about how when we broke up, i started dating a girl, umm.. i could have swo"
  • Enough about me.
    "i'm was fine until about an hour ago, but how are you doing?"
  • "noo... i didn't *looks left then right*"
  • Xbox or playstation?
    "uhhh, no -_-"
  • Xbox or playstation?
    "i just wanna hear what you think of this classic console war."
  • thread for "Threads"
    "Dead Oaks - i can't feel your bones but i can see them and i can't call you up without a reason i can take a thousand miles an"
  • thread for "Threads"
    "Lucie, Too - i have gone from four to one in the past seven months and i cant afford to lose anymore but i will keep you company unti"
  • "thanks UnLoving *hugs you back*"
  • thread for "Threads"
    "my hands hurt so... i will continue later :)"
  • thread for "Threads"
    "Prehistoric - i know this will mess things up tonight but god it feels so good to close my eyes i'll say that i've been trying to mov"
  • thread for "Threads"
    "The Pull - find a thread to pull and we can watch it unravel the lines we both have sewn to form the fabric of our fragile homes"
  • thread for "Threads"
    "i am uber obsessed with the band now, now and most of all their album threads and i think everyone should experience it"

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