do u got a good taste of music?

there is many kinds of music out there today, some totally sucks and some is very awesoem. i hope that you take this quiz and have a good taste of music and yeah so have fun yeah $$! & la 1234567890

do u havr a good taste of music well i sure do hope so and so now i shall go to sleep i am very tiredand yes lalalal take the quiz and find out if u have a good taste of music or if u dont. well have fun and LEAVE A COMMENT!! thanxx

Created by: firecat kid kadooj

  1. what kinds of music is the best?
  2. which of these singers is the best
  3. which is the best rapper out of these
  4. which is the best song of these
  5. who sucks at singing the most?
  6. who is the worst rapper out of these
  7. what song is the best of these:
  8. do u like katy perry
  9. do u like lil jon
  10. what do u think of guns n roses
  11. do u like t.i.
  12. what do u think of eminems songs
  13. what do u think of eminems songs

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