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  • Horse Lover
    "We're moving to the old family farm. It's really tiny I'll be sharing a room with three siblings, and there's no air conditioning. Which, by..."
  • Horse Lover
    "Thanks, I'm gonna miss you guys so much! I still have till Monday, though."
  • Horse Lover
    "Goodbye, I will no longer be a part of GTQ. 😓"
  • Farewell
    "It will probably be only 5-10 years."
  • Farewell
    "Ok, thanks!"
  • Farewell
    "My family is moving to the old farmhouse. There's no air conditioning or internet."
  • Farewell
  • Farewell
    "I'm moving where there is no internet, so goodbye. 😓"
  • I made new quizzes
  • Horse Lover
  • "Should using an iPhone make any difference?"
  • "I've gotten as far as typing in an answer, but I can never add it. I'm pretty sure it's all of the submit buttons that won't work. Does anyo..."
  • "Truth or dare?"
  • "Ok"
  • Horse Lover
    "It's fine, I completely understand. Sorry it's been a while) "Well," Andronesia said, "I guess I should head back to the herd.""

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