Were you a tiger in your previous life?

Well some people believe in reincarnations. And if you've had millions of reincarnations or more you just might have been a creature of somesort. Who knows.

The quiz maker believes in reincarnations. It's pretty believeable. He doesn't believe in heaven. He thinks heaven is just another universe attracting energy.

Created by: Surge

  1. Do you have dreams about being a tiger?
  2. Who else was a tiger in their previous life?
  3. Are you artistic?
  4. are you creative?
  5. Are you a genius?
  6. Are you an innovator?
  7. Do you have visions of volcanos?
  8. Could you invent a religion?
  9. Are you a good person?
  10. Are you a leader?

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Quiz topic: Were you a tiger in my previous life?