Should you get a Tiger or Dragon Tattoo?

Some of the best tattoos are dragon and tiger tattoos. If you get them both in one tattoo it actually means something. Some people are more of a Tiger and some people are more of a Dragon.

Are you more of a dragon or a tiger? Some people are both. Who knows. Both are pretty scary creatures. In the west dragons aren't as good as in the east.

Created by: Serge

  1. Best meaning
  2. Does tiger and dragon tattoos both represent power, strength, passion, and desire
  3. What does it mean if you get a tattoo of both a tiger and a dragon?
  4. What does a baby tiger tattoo represent?
  5. Which is the most powerful Tiger?
  6. What do butterfly tiger tattoos represent?
  7. What does eye of the tiger tattoos represent?
  8. Where do dragons have the best meaning?
  9. Does a dragon represent pre-Christian thought?
  10. What's a high ranking number of dragons only senior officials can wear?

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Quiz topic: Should I get a Tiger or Dragon Tattoo?