Which Matching Tattoo Should You Get?(for couples)

This quiz is mainly for couples that want to have a matching tattoo.There are many diffrent type of tattoos out there but this small quiz is to help you choose a specific one that symbols your relationship with your lover.

To be able to take this quiz you MUST be the legal age to get a tattoo.If you aren't I hope you make a wise desicion and don't break the law and DON'T get one.

Created by: messymouse

  1. What would you describe your boyfriend/girlfriend's personality?
  2. What sentence below could you say describes your lover?
  3. Would you ever think of marrying him/her?
  4. How good would you say your relationship is going?
  5. What tattoo do YOU think is good for you two?
  6. Do you think that your relationship will last?(cause if you get any of these tattoos it's gonna stay forever)
  7. What do you two do when you're together alone?
  8. What color do you want the tattoo to be?
  9. Would you think an infinity tattoo describes you and your lovers relationship?
  10. Do you think 2 interlocking hearts describe your realationship?
  11. Do you think a crown/tiara with your lovers name suite your relationship?
  12. Please comment and rate!

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Quiz topic: Which Matching Tattoo should I Get?(for couples)