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  • I've noticed that
    "Jewish- Well I'm not that great with money, but I love me some pastrami! Yea I think I'm pretty Jewish. French- I'm pretty F"
  • I've noticed that
    "Hmm do I act like any of my heritages? French- Not at all. I don't hate Americans and I bathe regularly. Iri"
  • "I'm brother is 15. LOL yea he's pretty different from me."
  • Global warming
    "Yea, I hear some Christian people say that God has already saved the Earth for us, and that we can do it whatever we want. Those people have..."
  • "My brother actually wrote that last thing. Very mature Jimmy. I think the big bang is a possible explanation for the Earth's existance, but ..."
  • "Well, if you can't use religion as a crutch, you must be truly retarded."
  • Global warming
    "That's a little harsher than I would have put it, but Tongue is right. When you think about how much we pollute the Earth, there's no way th..."
  • "Led Zeppelin The Who Alice Cooper KISS Aerosmith Lynard Skynard Queen Van Halen AC-D"
  • "Me: A mix of old and new hard rock and heavy metal Mom: Country, 80s rock Dad: Rock and metal from the 70s a"
  • Be Honest..
    "For good reason. If you have cancer in a country like Canada or England, you're at the mercy of the government health care system."
  • Be Honest..
    "I would never move to England. I'd prefer not to live in a country ruled by oppressive socialist policies."
  • Favorite Sports Teams?
    "I bleed Detroit Red Wings red."
  • "I'd never move to Canada. It's a socialist country. You aren't allowed to be too rich, everything is taxed to hell, and if you get sick you'..."
  • "I have the "organ and tissue donor" sticker on the back of my driver's license, so if I die young in a car crash or something, my organs wil..."
  • "Playing golf, going on camping and hunting trips with my dad and little brother, going to a metal show in Detroit, spending time with my GF...."

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