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  • where my friends
  • Star's Art
    "^Art isn't something to compare like that. It's insulting to everyone involved. Everyone has different styles, different rates of growth. Ar..."
  • GTQ News
    "This is f---ing s---"
  • help me list the emos
    "thats what emos think like where iz little emonightshade or zaney zane or even mr suicide nerd"
  • help me list the emos
    "so far we hav 1 where r the rest sleeping?"
  • help me list the emos
    "which pathetic users are emo"
  • "good"
  • "ive been tasting blood go to a damn hospital i need new converse buy some u f---ing emo waste of spac"
  • legend of zelda
  • Mark the posts
    "The doubles need punishment If you mark the posts the mods may do their job"
  • "h"
  • post her3 if u lyk leaf
    "no i created u 4 bettr purposes"
  • passover
  • list of fake emos
    "it's also about music what do u listen to i understand more than u ever will i am god i am ur master"
  • list of fake emos
    "i will consider rescinding this order if u actually get an emo hairstyle, wear the right clothes, and then i'll go back to hating on real em..."

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