legend of zelda

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Thread Topic: legend of zelda

  • gamerx Newbie
  • gamerx Newbie
    lets talk about legend of zelda asked me any question i am an expert
  • i love zelda
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    Marceline 101 Experienced
    I love all there games they're so stinkin' awesome!
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    Am I the only one who thought that link was Zelda
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    GirlyGothic Novice
    No. I thought Link was Zelda when I first played it.
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    Link Advanced
  • Anime_heart Newbie
    Why?! *cries...*
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    IamLelouch Advanced
  • SnowFox Newbie
    Yea I hate it when somebody at my school pretends to be a legend of Zelda fan and they don't even know Links name

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