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  • Soapy please
    "Are they in the same class?) Alix sighed again wen the teacher scowled at the other students"
  • "Meko: * races to a campground *"
  • ""
  • Soapy please
    "Alix rolled her eyes at the people"
  • Soapy please
    "The teacher wasn't in the room for a minute and everyone acts crazy then wen they enter it like nothing happened..."
  • "Meko: *sniffs at with hair in face. Smirks*"
  • "Memo : *sighs then sits on a rock*"
  • Soapy please
    "Alix sat down in math class"
  • Soapy please
    "Alix closed her locker then headed to first period."
  • legend of zelda
    "Why?! *cries...*"
  • Soapy please
    "Alix put in. Her combination then grabbed her books"
  • Soapy please
    "Alix noticed a boy limping. Sge watched him go to his locker as he passed her. She gave out an uneasy look then continued to her own locker"
  • "Cyan"
  • Soapy please
    "Just gonna use this account for a while lol) Alix smiled at the people walking by her. She looked up at the ceiling then back"
  • Soapy please
    "OK I'll be C1 then I'll make my character in a bit"

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