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  • The eggy alts
  • Rping with my alts
    "*hides in a tree from embarrassment*"
  • Hey spice
    ""it's freezing and this house has the worst insulation." Victor said"
  • Rping with my alts
    "Ugh fine *Kisses summer quickly while blushing intensely* There"
  • ""it's no problem." Nori said hugging Prism. Wester had never felt such warmth in a scene."
  • The String
    ""nori, I know of your medical talents and want you to fix my face, for even the gods tell me you are the only one skilled enough to do that...."
  • "I'm just like, ah yes, the new ship has set off)) Hina had never kissed anyone in her life so she couldn't help but feel like i"
  • The egg 2.0
    "You'd have ta know about northern mythology to understand the north as a whole"
  • Rping with my alts
    "Wh-why don't you pressure Rin and Elincia! *Tries to hide blush*"
  • Hey spice
    "Victor also remembered the southern exclusive chocolate he enjoyed"
  • The String
    "A man with a malformed head came in. He had huge brown wings"
  • ""thank you." Screech said finally saying something. "I like you two." Wester said to screech and Griffin with a beaming smile. "I am the sci..."
  • ""no it's ok." I have a better one. Hina thought before kissing summer on the cheek."
  • Rping with my alts
    "Oh summer, I didn't know you'd be here *Blushes*"

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