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  • DnD today
    "I've been playing for about two months, my sister and her friend taught me how"
  • DnD today
    "That's so cool that you play DnD"
  • DnD today
    "This is my official thread now btw and I'm the alt of eggaly"
  • DnD today
    "Ah cinna you play DnD?"
  • DnD today
    "And I don't have math homework"
  • DnD today
    "I'm gonna have so much fun"
  • DnD today
    "It's time for tiny arsonists and or grilled leeks"
  • "CaN i HaVe A wHoPpEr"
  • Our cursed ships from GTQ
    "Keyboard x brycen"
  • The egg 2.0
    "Yep they're one of the softest animals in the world"
  • "Me: *is sleeping* Alexei: I have the best prank idea"
  • The eggy alts
  • Rping with my alts
    "*hides in a tree from embarrassment*"
  • Hey spice
    ""it's freezing and this house has the worst insulation." Victor said"
  • Rping with my alts
    "Ugh fine *Kisses summer quickly while blushing intensely* There"

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