Character s--- posts and reactions

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Thread Topic: Character s--- posts and reactions

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    Eggaly Junior
    Alexei: I'M SO ALOOOOOONE!
    Alexei's Harem: what am I a Roach
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    Ink- i love my friends and would do anything to protect them

    Also ink-*to his friend* i would sell you to satan for one corn chip
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    SprinkledSpice Advanced
    Wren: Are we...related?
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    Eggaly Junior
    Victor: I have friends
    *Gestures to a collection of character concepts and chocolate bars* these are my friend
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    Mused Jade Advanced
    Jinx: Well, guess I gotta do this alone

    Katashi: b----
    Katashi: *goes through hell and back to protect his gang*

    The Gang: Yea, no. *teleports him to Earth*
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    Nixie- what are you eating?

    Phen-*muffled* nothing?

    Nixie- are you sure?


    Nixie- open your mouth.

    Phen-*opens his mouth and like six people fall out*

    Nixie-*smacks phen*
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    Eggaly Junior
    Obsidian: I'm the smartest man ever

    Nori: but you couldn't fix azura completely and you couldn't make your own copy

    Obsidian: *gives Nori heart attack*
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    SprinkledSpice Advanced
    Omg is it canon tho))

    Moral, holding Aka: I've only had Aka for a few minutes but if anything happened to her, I'd kill everyone in this room and then myself.
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    dragonsfire Advanced
    Robo is doing an Irish jig.
    James is providing the percussion.
    Gaynor is staring with a confused smile on her face, kind of moving to the beat.
    Kenna and Ander are laughing their heads off.
    Crypts is baking yet another pie.
    Harper is staring at all this in silence while eating multiple delicious pies.
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    SprinkledSpice Advanced

    Lilac would shake her head, amused and smiling all the same.
    Iris would be grumpy as usual
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    Eggaly Junior
    (it's absolutely cannon spice)
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    Gacha_Summer Novice
    Okay, I imagine this happening at some point in between the time skips XD))

    Summer: *Sitting on the floor, moving her ears up and down*
    Hina: *Looking at her ears*
    Summer: You’re staring at my ears again, aren’t you?
    Hina: *Blushing* N-No...
    Hina: ...
    Summer: ...
    Hina: They look fluffy.
    Summer: *Blushes*


    Summer (It’s a different one): ALEXIS, GET DOWN!
    Alexis: *Hisses*
    Jackson: Did she just hiss?
    Jeyal: That’s not safeeeeee!
    Alexis: *Knocks the fridge over*
    Everyone: *Screeching*
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    Hina Newbie
    Me: *is sleeping*

    Alexei: I have the best prank idea
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    Eggaly Junior
    Alexei: I'm the second greatest god in the world
    Me the true owner of their dimension who is casually dining in maakir: think again

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