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Thread Topic: Character s--- posts and reactions

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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    Myriad: would you like to discuss knitting patterns? Maybe talk about whats troubling you? Do you need a hug?

    Also Myriad: how quickly do you think i could steal a nuke and start a world war
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    Eggaly Junior
    Alexei: I'll kill everything in this entire realm
    *Alexei encounters Elra*
    Alexei: nevermind
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    SprinkledSpice Experienced
    Wren: I'm named after a fat bird.
    Steve: How suiting.
    *cuts to Wren chasing him with a frying pan*
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    Myriad what do you have?

    Myriad, running past: A Knife!

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    Eggaly Junior
    (Note: some of these will be inaccurate due to them not being mine but me still wanting to include them)

    Nori: kids what do you want to be when you grow up

    Easter: I want to be a doctor

    Nori: that's nice

    Griffin: I wanna be a author

    Nori: that's great my son

    Nix: I want to be a soldier

    Nori: that... May not be so good

    Screech: I wanna be dead

    Nori: son, we talked about this

    Wester: I wanna kill the south

    Nori: Prism we need to talk about Wester!
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    SprinkledSpice Experienced

    Vitalus: Daddy?

    Elytra: Do I look li-
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    pheonix_pharaoh Hot Shot
    Myriad without knife- sweet, shy, smoll

    Myriad WITH knife- sadistic murder child who probably could befriend Crowley
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    Emo Ocean Newbie
    (Mia, Maya, Alex, Charles, Alexis, Michelle, and Misty reacting to an female immature death god.)
    Misty: Why hello little girl
    Maya: Oh s--- it's a death god
    Mia: hi little one want a lollipop
    Alex: Um dad what is this thing
    Charles: Hey little sweetie
    Alexis: Hi little lady
    Michelle: Hi Yuki
    Yuki: Time for your f---ing death
    All: ahhh
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    Sgrios Novice
    *some end of the world bulls--- going on*

    We....we need an adult.

    *slow realisation, then horrified* i am the adult
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    SprinkledSpice Advanced

    Person: Tell me the difference between these two pictures.
    Pictures: (Two different colors)
    Mantapruesse: They're the same thing.
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    Eggaly Junior
    Miden normally: I'll f---ing shoot you all c'mon do something interesting!

    Miden when Yune is around: watch me do a magic trick!

    Yune: *sad blind noises*
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    SprinkledSpice Advanced

    Aikan: What do you have?
    Miden: A knife!
    Aikan: NO-
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    Eggaly Junior
    Engle: ugh rachel is so annoying
    Alexei: I heard you were talking s--- about me
    Engle: WHAT THE FU-!
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    Eggaly Junior
    Westy: I've finally found it the scroll of truth!

    Scroll of Truth: killing the entire south and everyone in the mainlands won't help you get back mikan.

    Westy: *violently throws scroll* NYEE
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    Ethel Advanced
    *Encountering a wild bag of cheetos*

    Echolight: What has StarClan sent us...?
    Blueheart: Is that- Gingerstripe!?
    Gingerstripe: NO, YOU IDIOT! EM RIGHT HERE!
    Venom: Everyone, we must kill it!
    Thorn: It's obvious a dog set this here as a trap!
    Pebble: Can we eat it...?
    Everyone: NO!

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