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  • MoixMe Roleplay
    "Flareglow huffed. "Fine. But I still don't like you, alright?" She turned away from him angrily. "That's okay," Timberheart sai"
  • MoixMe Roleplay
    "Timberheart, still guarding the entrance of Flareglow's cage, heard a faint hiss. He turned around to see her sitting up, shaking her head. ..."
  • MoixMe Roleplay
    ""Is that all he said?" Coralmist asked him. "There should've been more." "What do you mean?" Sharkpaw asked confusedly. "
  • MoixMe Roleplay
    "Sharkpaw knew that Flareglow was his mother's sister, but he didn't see her very much. Peachripple told him that Flareglow hated her for lea..."
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  • MoixMe Roleplay
    "Smokepaw was awoken from a nightmare. He looked around, wondering where he was, before remembering he was now in the WaterClan apprentice de..."
  • MoixMe Roleplay
    "When he arrived at DarkClan, his leader gave him a brief nod before ordering all other cats to make a cage for the still-unconscious cat...."
  • MoixMe Roleplay
    "He steeled his nerves and prepared to leap at the unsuspecting she-cat. With a snarl, he jumped out of the brush, landing on top of her and ..."
  • Little by Little
    "Mmm. Nyeh."
  • MoixMe Roleplay
    "Timberheart remembered what the cat looked like and what his name was. He had said that his name was simply 'Shadow', and he was a jet black..."
  • MoixMe Roleplay
    "Timberheart heard her words, and he had to stop himself from answering. "No," he said under his breath. "I have to do it." He h"
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    "MoixMe Warriors Roleplay "
  • "*they licked their lips and advanced to the dead body and began to eat hungrily and loudly*"

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