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  • So. Hi.
    "Hi again. Okay Rosio, I'll try not to. xD"
  • So. Hi.
    "Not sure if y'all are still here, but I'm back. Yeah, it looks like the community is one of those really "OMG newbies are des"
  • So. Hi.
    "@Gryphonkid: Cool, I draw sometimes, but I'm really no good at it. I write fiction, mainly fantasy and sci-fi. Mostly original, but I recent..."
  • So. Hi.
    "Gah, late post. Rosio? Never heard that name before, but I really like it. ^.^ I suppose you can call me May, or just refer t"
  • So. Hi.
    "Hobbies? I love writing, and... uh, other than that, I don't do much. xD You?"
  • So. Hi.
    "Hi, Flames. :D I'm fine for the most part, Anri. You?"
  • "Uh, is this a joke? xD"
  • "Paprika."
  • So. Hi.
    "Thanks, nice to meet you too. Hell yes it counts, Star Trek is always awesome, any Star Trek."
  • So. Hi.
    "A friend told me about this place a few months ago, although I never got around to joining until today. I'm not sure if she's still here, th..."

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