Most recent movie you have watched?

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Thread Topic: Most recent movie you have watched?

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    SG115 Novice
    The Road to El Dorado (great movie, I recommend it) ^u^
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    Kepler Novice
    Spirited Away. :3
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    Remember the Titans. This is probably my favorite movie.
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    sweet Junior
    Rugrats in Paris :o
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    dragon Advanced
    Pirates of Caribbean 2.
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    madid Advanced
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    6 6 sick Senior
    Tokyo Gore Police
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    anri hyuga Experienced
    Nightmare before Christmas.

    love this movie.
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    Waterwood Novice
    Thor! I saw it twice already.
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    rockstar98 Junior
    Identity Thief
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    Blood Night (It's about Blood Mary got her name)
  • Gambit Newbie
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    Orange Fusion Novice
    The Peacemaker
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    Carri04 Hot Shot
    Les Miserable.
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    Sage Parson Experienced
    The Batman Trilogy

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