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  • Blizzard & Me.
    "Quackity cursed under his breath, glaring at Lem. "As much as I'd like to tell Skeppy and Gold that they are not, they are." Go"
  • Blizzard & Me.
    ""Why's it matter?" Quackity asked sarcastically. Lem frowned. "Well, George was one of them." Xey said cheekily, grinning. "I s"
  • "Zumae frowned, nodding. They shoved the book back under the bed they slept on, and turned their attention to the far side of the room."
  • Blizzard & Me.
    "Quackity nodded, shrugging. "It wasn't much. I don't completely hate you guys like I did the last person who came here." He shot Sapnap a g..."
  • "25"
  • "Zumae hissed at the robot, trying to get it to talk again. "Why'd you go quiet? What's the screen for? Why the question?""
  • Ferryman
    "Devin tried to remember what happened. Where were they before they died? What happened? All he came up with was blood covering his own hands..."
  • Casa Del Fuego
    "today's gonna suck..."
  • Fire in the Dark
    "i'm starting to cry again. i'm unable to do this"
  • Casa Del Fuego
    "i just went semi-dyslexic. i read the word scared as sacred."
  • Fire in the Dark
    "i hate the feeling when i wake up and check the computer and get excited when blizz responded, but give it a few minutes/hours and it feels ..."
  • "36?"
  • Blizzard & Me.
    "Quackity nodded. "Then I'm doing it. Anything to help." He said softly. In a louder voice, he said, "You four are good to leave whenever. I ..."
  • "Zumae hissed, bouncing back away from the bars of their cage in a swift movement. "Why are you doing that to your face?" They asked fearfull..."

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