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  • Uncertain Title.
    "Oh s--- I forgot that Victis didn't die, and that they just got sent to the Dark Aether. Oh damn I wonder what kind of stuff they can come u..."
  • Uncertain Title.
    "I can understand how it's overhyped. But it has a reason, man does that song really hype me up I wonder what the heck Treyarch has in "
  • Uncertain Title.
    "I got to around the 50's a few times so I think I got this. :) WAW: All of them but Lullaby of a Deadman beats BOA by just a bi"
  • No Subject
    "Lmao my city do be stupid"
  • Uncertain Title.
    "How long did it take to get there? I have yet to reach round 100 myself, but I will one day. What about Easter egg song? I f---ing l"
  • Uncertain Title.
    "Holy s--- what was the map"
  • Speak, friend, and enter.
    "Come to Illinois where one day it's 90 then the other day it feels like fall"
  • Uncertain Title.
    "I never asked you this question but what's your highest round in zombies?"
  • bam!
    "Indeed it is I Pag!"
  • bam!
  • GTQ Masquerade
    "wen do i reveal"
  • GTQ Masquerade
    "my turn"
  • "they have some fast workers because the site is working fast again yippee"
  • "😡"
  • GTQ Masquerade
    "when do we start guessing"

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