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Fernando Vargas
Joined on Jul 3, 2011
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  • whispers
    "Central America sends him hugs and kisses and some roses later. Tell him I said to have a good day."
  • "I didn't get a kiss either. :I"
  • Damn..
    "Just leave me the f--- alone.. I've had enough.."
  • Damn..
    "I push everyone away because I fear they'll do the same to me.. I feel like I really can't trust anyone anymore. That's why I requested that..."
  • Damn..
    "C.. Callate...! You don't even know how it's like, especially for me! I live under an idiotic a--hole and above stubborn peop"
  • Damn..
    "W-what do you think I-I'be been telling you all this t-time..?! And w-why don't you pick on A-Argentina or Brazil for.. o-on"
  • Damn..
    "You always put the pressure on me like this.. I'm not the only one that loses! There have been worse in the competition, and though I was on..."
  • So Italy won.
    "Mnn.. You should be a bit more careful then. I'm fairly sensitive but that doesn't mean everything makes me cry."
  • So Italy won.
    "I have feelings. I admit.. Sometimes more than others.. But I feel too. Just because I'm not some human like you.."
  • So Italy won.
    "*slaps back of her head* Alice.. Stop teasing."
  • So Italy won.
    "I can't even do that anymore, according to you.. and others.. I hate it. Everyone compares my team to the best teams in the world and I don'..."
  • So Italy won.
    "Maybe.. Maybe I don't even f---ing like futbol anymore! Have you thought about that..?"
  • So Italy won.
    "*scoots away* >_>' .. lo siento.."
  • So busy..
    "That wedding Alvaro and Javier are having is going to be on Javier's birthday. His birthday is in about a month so we're all here going loco..."
  • "*takes machete* -.- I was looking for that.. Cinco."

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