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  • "Thanks for your input :) do you happen to know where I can watch it online because I don't have a Netflix or like a Hulu Plus or anything ha..."
  • Team Starkid
    "That's how I started, too. Most people just stop there, though. Their other musicals are fabulous too. Like the Batman musical and the scien..."
  • "Oh, it's okay. But I just wanted to say that I freaking love your picture because Logan Lerman is adorable lol."
  • "Yeah, they're freaking amazing. But not to sound rude, It's spelled Benedict comeberbatch and David Tennant"
  • "If they keep the actress that plays Annabeth, then the movies still gonna suck. Idk she just bothers me and she's like 24"
  • Team Starkid
    "Any Starkid fans out there?"
  • "Doctor Who and BBC Sherlock"
  • "I LOVE THE SIMS. I'm kind of like a newbie because I only have ever played the Sims 3 and only have like two expansions, but I love it nonet..."
  • "I'm a huge fan of Doctor Who and BBC Sherlock, and so are my friends. Recently my friends have started watching Supernatural and they want m..."
  • Favorite doctor
    "Definitely David Ten-Inch. I'm sorry, I'm so so sorry, Matt Smith. (But Matt is definitely second favorite)"

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