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  • "I have known music for 13 years but still Eminem is much better than Justin Bieber. Every single thing about Justin is pointless. He can…"

  • "Justin Bieber is a show off. He annoys me but I know music for 13 years and Eminem makes much better music. For Justin Bieber he may e…"

  • "Justin beiber full of s--- and a is a a complete dickhead"

  • "Firstly I would like to say Justin Bieber acts like a spoilt person. I don't care for him but the way he behaves does n't entirely seem…"

  • "Justin a Bieber. All I can actually he is quite annoying and spoilt. I don't really think people can call him cool if he is spoilt. I just…"

  • "Justin Bieber isn't great he just seems annoying and is a spoilt. There are rumours involving him making him better than everyone. Also…"

  • "Come on People I dont like Justin Bieber and it doesn't make me an idiot. A lot of my friends say he is annoying and useless. I hear about…"

  • "I don't like Justin Bieber. He isn't all that good but it's my opinion. I never liked him from the start and his music is useless. I just…"