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  • "(i've never even heard of that is it just a cinnamon waffle or????)"
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    "Derp, derp derp derp! Deeeeeeeeeeeerp. (I'm nowhere! Hehehehe.)"
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  • "Deeeeeeeeeeeeeerp! (2,000,000,000!)"
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    "Cinder: ..Oh, okay. *takes her hand, teleporting them to her bathroom* ~ Celeste: Ehh.. Alright, I guess."
    "DERP :D I'm implying many things at once. :I She does, doesn't she? And thank you. ^-^"
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    "Cinder: ;~; But now it's not fair, because you got what you wanted an I didn't.. ~ Celeste: *stands, turning* "
    "Daddy: Me:"
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  • Don't mind me.
    "Derp derpina derrrrrrrp: Derp derp Derpy durp deeeeeeeeeerp. o3o"
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    "Deeeeeeeeerp? o3o"
  • s--- s--- s--- s---!!!!
    "A wild DERPINA appears! DERPINA uses Magical Farty Rainbows. Nothing changed but the air."
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    "Derp derp derpina! ^o^"

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