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  • hi
    "Black bananas"
  • Hello?
    "I mean named"
  • Hello?
    "Hm I don't find anyone on gtq misterious except 4 someone name vladitor"
  • hello!!
    "I AM AWSOME! And I'm doing good :)"
  • Hello?
    "I back and I want a truth!"
  • Ok I'll admit it
    "I fp and she iz so awsome "
  • Hello?
    "Oh ya I forgot. Ok brb"
  • Hello?
    "U can play"
  • Hello?
    "But I only have a small crush on her"
  • Help me stay out -_-
  • hello
  • Hello?
    "Can I have a dare¿"
  • hello
    "If u bord play t or d with me! XDDDDD"
  • Hello?
    " you are hot idk but my gtq crush is fp so probably fp if anyone"
  • Do you have dimples?

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