Do you know harpusrox7¿ (super hard version)

This quiz will tell you how well you know me. Do you think you know alot about harpusrox7(me)? Have you talked with me in the forums??? Do you take all my quizzes???

Well why not take this quiz? The questions are harder than my other quizzes like this to let you know. Do you think you got what it takes??? Then try this quiz and learn more about me!

Created by: harpusrox7

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  1. Who was the first gtq user to comment on a quiz I made?
  2. What was in my first profile picture?
  3. When did I make my first quiz?
  4. What time of day did I get my gtq account?
  5. Which of my gtq nicknames is rarely used? (by that I mean which name do gtq users not refer to me as or whatever)
  6. How long was I a novice? (on gtq)
  7. Which of my quizzes got on the front page?
  8. How many of my quizzes are not linked to my main account?
  9. Besides making quizzes, what did I do on gtq before I got my account?
  10. How many quizzes had I made before I got my account?

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Quiz topic: Do I know harpusrox7¿ (super hard version)