Super Genius Quiz

Mom says you are a genius. Should you believe her? Quickly pass, and yes! Slowly fail, and you don't. Still, these are very hard questions to answer correctly!

Are you a super genius? Do you come close to the intellect of one? Before, you could only guess. Now, you will finally be able to find out! I wish you luck.

Created by: Joseph

  1. 524 divided by 12=
  2. Which became the state first?
  3. What is the definition of a photovoltaic cell?
  4. What year did the War Of 1812 take place in most often?
  5. Two forms of precipitation are
  6. Where do most Nintendo games first come out?
  7. The Greek god/goddess of snow is
  8. Bernulli's principle is about energy.
  9. Irquois Indians live in
  10. Anything by the power of 0 is

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