How Wisconsin Are You?

There are 317 million inhabitants in the United States of America. 5.74 million are inhabitants of WISCONSIN! The people of Wisconsin truly are special and a rare breed.

Are YOU a Wisconsinite? Do you know lots of people from Wisconsin? Have you visited there often? Do you have the knowledge and savvy to qualify you for the prestigious title of "LIKELY TO BE FROM WISCONSIN?" Dare to dream or show that you are. Thanks to this outstanding marvel of a quiz, you are about to find out: How likely are YOU to be from Wisconsin?

Created by: Tania
  1. What is a "bubbler"?
  2. Which of the following towns is in the "Fox Cities"?
  3. Which phrase is most commonly associated with Wisconsin?
  4. What is door county?
  5. What is the state song of Wisconsin?
  6. What is a "Sconnie"?
  7. Fill in the blank with the next line to this song: "It's the second week of deer camp and ________________________".
  8. Stores that sell: Beer, cheese and ____________ ?
  9. You can buy fried cheese curds at:
  10. The capital of Wisconsin is:
  11. Who are "Da Yoopers"?
  12. Which of the following ARE a group of Native Americans indigenous to Wisconsin?
  13. Which sports teams are all from Wisconsin?
  14. Wisconsin tried to recall:
  15. Which of the following is the most famous musician or group of musicians to come from Wisconsin?
  16. Wisconsin is home to:
  17. Leinenkugel's comes from:
  18. A "Hodag" is:
  19. Wisconsin is most famous for:
  20. Vince Lombardi

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Quiz topic: How Wisconsin am I?