hard quiz (version 2)

Do you think you can pass this quiz. well you might of passed version 1 but this one is longer, harder, and funnier maybe. try this please . good luck.

So are you ready. well i hope you are. try this quiz please. it might be funny. well good luck . read all questions real carefully good luck . take it.

Created by: john

  1. did you take the first quiz
  2. you got 100 dollars what do you do with it
  3. you find a bear what do you do
  4. how do you kill a zombie
  5. you find a baseball bat what do you do
  6. your locked in a bathroom with a drunk what do you do
  7. you found a ipod
  8. how do you turn on a computer
  9. how do you use the bathroom
  10. Megan Fox
  11. if you have 10 dogs what do you do
  12. 100 dogs are on the roof 50 fall off what do you do
  13. i have 12 cats
  14. bigfoot vs king konga
  15. do you like this quiz
  16. i have 100 dads
  17. Laugh At Larry
  18. Laugh At Bobby
  19. Laugh At You
  20. Laugh At Moms
  21. Laugh at DOGGY
  22. Almost Done With the Quiz
  23. What does S.Y.M. mean
  24. what does W.T.F. mean
  25. Is this a Long Quiz
  26. True or False
  27. What Does Y.W. mean
  28. This is the Last Question did you like this quiz
  29. Ok i lied

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