Flyff (hard quiz version)

I created another Flyff quiz before, that was supposed for general audience. If you think you're ready for some more - and yet harder questions - try this one. =)

I hope you have a good time with this quiz. All these questions have been carefully thought up by lsia, your friendly goth Ringmistress on Mushpoie server ^^ They are here to challenge your flyff knowledge.

Created by: Marina

  1. What is the true name of the Deadwalderness
  2. Who is the Venel Guardian
  3. What is the original name of the Glaphan temple
  4. Yorrn is the pet of Losha. Who is Yoln
  5. Which masquerpet has a bugged attack sound?
  6. Where does Jinitte belong to?
  7. Which legendary person is known for her perfume
  8. Which Cleric used to reside at the Shuhamma
  9. Which of the following items does Zaikun NOT carry
  10. Which of these people is not a human
  11. In order to refine the Ribenduum, Kazen will send you to a very distant NPC called...
  12. Which of these items cannot be dropped by a giant glaphan?
  13. Why is it called Merkaba (Hanzelrusha)?
  14. Strenght, the sephira of geburah,has a specific number in the cabbala where aeonsoft borrowed it from for Geburah Tiphret (btw it is called Tiphareth). Which is that number?
  15. Which name actually refers to be the lightbearing archangel but aeonsoft inverted it represent the "phantom of the dark"

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