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  • Are you sure you are right?
    [published: Apr 25, 2016]

    Are you sure you a te positive about you life well you can take this quiz and find out but if you……

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  • Yo babe!
    "On my way! :*"
  • Yo babe!
    "Oh yeah okay I will tell him see you in a minute!"
  • Yo babe!
    "Thirty minutes?! Schools not over till 2:45"
  • Yo babe!
    "I'm back!! Parents still don't know about the mall security thing .. So I hope you are ready mom says she is gonna cook dinner so I figured..."
  • Who do you prefer
    "I'm not insulting my girl is country and crazy lol"
  • Who do you prefer
    "I like my girl the way she is lol"
  • I need an idea?
    "Yep I will stick with that' one lol"
  • I need an idea?
    "Then she will want to cuddle I don't know what to do lol"
  • I need an idea?
    "We could watch a scary movie.... It always makes her cry"
  • I need an idea?
    "That's a good one! I might try that!"
  • I need an idea?
    "She hates the park we have... Her ex hangs out there"
  • I need an idea?
    "I'm picking her up for basketball after I get home... But I also want to do something else to .... But what?"
  • I need an idea?
    "What is a good idea for a date?"
  • I am now 17
    "Happy birthday"
  • Batman's Cave
    "Can I be a walrus lol jk"

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