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  • It was my privilege.
    "So go on a date with a girl. I take her to a nice restaurant. She orders a shrimp cocktail and several drinks. We ask for the check and the ..."
  • [no urls]
  • "First kiss was awkward. Neither of us had any experience and it was clumsy. It's not all that special either. Sure it's nice, but nothing to..."
  • "You sound like a bitch when you do this."
  • "Sounds like an attention whoring bitch to me..."
  • ""
  • No Subject
    "I'm a fan of the rake and the thing that stalks the fields. On my main account, I posted one on GTQ earlier. I'm on iScribble"
  • No Subject
    " If you can sift through all the s---ty remixes it has "
  • No Subject
    "The song's probably older than some of them."
  • No Subject
    "memorized. I was waiting for someone to join me and sing along. Seeing these new kids not know what I'm talking about is a depressing sight...."
  • No Subject
    "While you're dying I'll be STILL ALIVE. And when you're dead I will be STILL ALIVE Still alive... still alive."
  • No Subject
    "And believe me I am STILL ALIVE. I'm doing Science and I'm STILL ALIVE. I feel fantastic and I'm STILL ALIVE."
  • No Subject
    "I've experiments to run and there's research to be done on the people who are STILL ALIVE."
  • No Subject
    "Look at me still talking when there's science to do. When I look out there it makes me GLaD I'm not you."
  • No Subject
    "Anyway this cake is great. It's so delicious and moist!"

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