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  • Talk to me
    "who's torturing you? what's happening?? :')"
  • Talk to me
    "i missed chu too :) oh god- are you alr?"
  • Talk to me
    "hi :)"
  • Soap/rp?
    "Vivian looked up to see a woman passing by, drinking from a cup. She exhaled and stood, walking over and getting her attention. ``Hi uhm, so..."
  • Spice Rack 2
    "y e s, it looks so frikkin good :) u^u do you think i should redo my thread? i kinda wanna, even tho it's not very "
  • Spice Rack 2
    "can't* i'm b o r e d kinda wanna redo my thread also, could chu mebbe reply to zee RPs if chu has time?"
  • Spice Rack 2
    "aaaahhhh i'm not gonna listen, bc imma be (hopefully) seeing da movie soon and i don't wanna spoil anythin for meh dude, i"
  • Late pride month pic
    "i love it! so adorable :D"
  • "hey mamas *lip bite* alr, lemme get the pic again u^u"
  • Elly!!
    "Ross flinched and stood up, moving over to Alina's side."
  • it's complicated, okay?
    "``No. He deserves it, anyway,`` Connor muttered, running a hand through his hair."
  • Bye L'manburg
    ":') i'm a dumb a--. :') the only thing that'll make me happy i"
  • it's complicated, okay?
    "``Yeah,`` Connor said with a nod, walking over to Natalia and helping her carry Adam."
  • Elly!!
    "Ross stayed on the bed, slightly frightened that Chris was trying to break into Alina's room."
  • it's complicated, okay?
    "( i- jesus i'm a dumba-- :') )"

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