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  • "lol i honestly just forget abt them and never use them xD i like to change their pfps whenever i change my main one"
  • "i honestly really liked SAD-ist’s new animatic tho"
  • "god i can't with charlie, schlatt and ted lmaoo [no urls] great podcast :')"
  • bLiZzArD ;))
    "([no urls] my garbage singing :')) ``No, it's uh, it's pink,`` Clay said with a quiet chuckle. ``I thought you said it was pink"
  • bLiZzArD ;))
    "Clay glanced at George as he set the ingredients down, raising an eyebrow. ``You okay babe?``"
  • bLiZzArD ;))
    "``Yeah, uh we could make pancakes or waffles and have the fruit with it,``Clay suggested, grabbing some things from the fridge. He shut it a..."
  • "sappanap snappy nappy sappa nappa sappynap :)"
  • Bye L'manburg
    "⟟ ☌⟒⏁ ⍜⎐⟒⍀⍙⊑⟒⌰⋔⟒⎅ ⍜ ⟒⏃⟟⌰⊬, ⋔⊬ ⏃⋏⌖⟟⟒⏁⊬ ☊⍀⟒⟒⌿ ⟟⋏⟟⎅⟒ ⍜⎎ ⋔⟒, ⋔⏃☍⟒ ⟟⏁ ⊑⏃⍀⎅ ⏁⍜ ⏚⍀⟒⏃⏁⊑⟒. ⍙⊑⏃⏁' ☊⍜⋔⟒ ⍜⎐⟒⍀ ⋔⟒? ⎎⟒⟒⌰ ⌰⟟☍⟒ ⟟'⋔"
  • What Light?
    "Grayson hummed, letting go of Luna's hand for a moment to brush hair out of her face. She grabbed her hand again, staying close to Luna's si..."
  • MCYT RP Anyone?
    "``Whatever,`` he muttered, rolling his eyes. ``I just don't want to lose her..`` Olive giggled and hugged Tommy, pressing a kiss on th"
  • hey kris, come'ere
    "``Ooh, sounds good,`` Vivian said, yawning. ``Gosh, still pretty tired,`` she added with a giggle."
  • RP anybody??
    "``So, what I'm hearing is school's just absolute bullsh-t?`` Ashton asked, chuckling. ``Knew it was f--ked.``"
  • What Light?
    "Grayson nodded, tapping her fingers against her skateboard as they walked."
  • MCYT RP Anyone?
    "Olive looked over to Athena and gave her a smile, putting a comforting arm around her shoulder. ``Anyways, if Dream did try and kill m"
  • hey kris, come'ere
    "Vivian nodded and stood, gently grabbing Soul's hand and helping him up. ``Where should we go?``"

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