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  • The murder of crows.
    "Orion was awestruck by this, and nearly cut a finger off in the process. He shook his head to clear his mind, but all he could think about w..."
  • Talented traitors.
    "*when you misgender your own character* is this the real life is this just fantasy))"
  • Talented traitors.
    "Farrah smiled. “Fair enough! Anyway, I’mg going to check on that other person, the one who ran when I came near. I think I scared her off. W"
  • "No no Puppet I totally agree about all of that. Jackson, if you had been nice and asked before just starting to make this huge decisions, I ..."
  • The murder of crows.
    "PUNK AESTHETIC WET DREAM IM WHEEZING)) Orion helped where he could, not really sure of what he was doing and also very, very"
  • The murder of crows.
    "'peak goth witch' i love him)) "Venison and balsamic? Odd combination." He mumbled, smiling softly. This was so nice - he'd never real"
  • ""These 'toys' are what make me able to do my job. Do you mind if I take this?" He asked Erratum, glancing at Laurence from behind his mask. ..."
  • "totally forgot i had the sword oops)) Klaus went over the sword in his hands, interested. He took off his glove and sliced thro"
  • The murder of crows.
    "Orion rocked back and forth nervously. "Yeah, Briar doesn't seem evil... he's really nice..." It was hard to imagine Father being wrong abou..."
  • "sorry i've been busy)) "Sure!" Drew said with a smile. "Can I see your schedule?" He couldn't believe he was talking to a girl."
  • Talented traitors.
    "Farrah nodded. "That's a useful quirk, but not too good in a practical setting unless you have a partner." She mumbled. yeah th"
  • ""Only reason I wear them is for practicality." Klaus responded, looking at the tree person. He watched her for a moment and wondered where h..."
  • The murder of crows.
    ""I-I don't know. My father always told me that witches deserved to be burned to death." Orion said quietly. But Briar is nice! "
  • The murder of crows.
    ""This is the future?" Orion's voice went up an octave with every discovery. Granted, he probably should of realized he was in the future. It..."
  • "Klaus saw the sword and stepped forward, palm outstretched. "May I?" he asked Erratum. He had not seen such a sword, and it was something he..."

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