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  • "Grace giggles gently. “ well, care to dance with me first Andrew?” She asks with a bright smile. She holds a hand out for him to potentially"
  • Heart of a monster
    "Laurence glanced at Aislet. “ I need you to stay with Windings.” He says sternly. He was still unwilling to reveal his godly nature to a str"
  • "2 late I’ve got em"
  • Heph's thread
    "Anyway welcome to my thread lol"
  • "Gib em"
  • "lol"
  • Ripper's Edge
    "Okay ciara"
  • Heph's thread
    "Mine lol, lololol"
  • Heph's thread
  • Heph's thread
    "My thread now :>}"
  • House of Lamentation
    "Belphegor: S-s---, Beel. * he stumbles a little* Belphegor: Mammon. Please no one wants to fight you. I-It would be safer for both yo"
  • "Spiders know all. They can be trustworthy, but only if you’re not alone. When you’re alone they will sing to lure you in. You’ll never wake "
  • "I partnered with the lucky ladybird. They are forgiving, and they grant immense fortune to whisperers, but you must be careful. The wa"
  • "If you’re out at night by a lake, follow the fireflies. Fireflies are there to protect you. If you see a bluebottle, I’m sorry, but th"
  • "Moths are trustworthy. Moths take secrets onto their wings and fly them away for you. You can trust moths. Do not trust butterflies, t"

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