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  • "- Wishing for an army of creatures that will follow your bidding and do as you say (intelligence and creature type are up to you) "
  • rp?
    "Karl spun around with the large stick and eventually came face to face with Carlos. He giggled at the sight of the pretty house and spoke up..."
  • A brainrot rp?
    "All is good! I’ve been doing finals this week so I’m also brain dead… Ahhhhhh!!)) “Hey… um… h-how,” Sapnap paused trying his be"
  • Of God's and Monsters
    "Finals week is chaotic! Very sorry ahhh!)) Asher clumsily arrived. He carefully planted his feet on the ground approaching the "
  • Of God's and Monsters
    "Bonk! A fiery boy that I’ve not used in forever. Name: Asher Age: few eons looks like he’s maybe late 20’s Species:"
  • A brainrot rp?
    "Sapnap found Karl in the kitchen and stood in the door way for a moment taking in the adorable man running around helping everyone. He shook..."
  • rp?
    "Quackity leaned over his sky scraper peering over its glass looking at his long hard effort and creation. He felt everything he had worked f..."
  • A brainrot rp?
    "Sapnap watched the two boys with amusement. He was slowly starting to feel better. Watching them fight reminded him of his childhood best fr..."
  • A brainrot rp?
    "“I’ll let you boys play then,” Sapnap stood up and looked around, “feel free to kick Tommy’s ass for me,” he laughed putting his arm around "
  • rp?
    "I’m also content and ready :P"
  • Of God's and Monsters
    "May I join? This sounds amazing!"
  • A brainrot rp?
    "All is good you can interpret him how ever ^^)) “When you stop talking s--- and man up, I’ll knight you myself!” Sapnap quipped"
  • A brainrot rp?
    "Sapnap took a seat on a stool watching the boys talk for a bit just listening, “ it’s true. He’s just a boy,” Sapnap laughed fixing his band"
  • A brainrot rp?
    "First introductions would make sense unless they met at a knight academy. It’s up to you ^^)) Sapnap quickly spun around to loo"
  • A brainrot rp?
    "Sapnap quickly picked up his blade and charged it straight towards the blonde, “ I suggest you stop talking about things your peanut sized b"

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