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  • "They are all tragedies.... Which kind of sucks.... Because sometimes.... I need a happy ending."
    "O.o selling your bed? That was unexpected... anyway...bye! See ya soon!"
    "No kidding. But being invisible has it's benefits. *like what?* I can't think of any right now."
    "They died at page 15. I've seen soaps that go on for a year. With 100 + pages...D*MN YOU UNPOPULARITY! Jk jk It's nice being invisible. If y..."
    "All the soaps I've been in have died."
    "Exactly. My name is just about as common as it can get...except maybe Emily. But you might want to look out."
  • "The person in my username. Their romance between Eragon. My books. My iPod. This site. Myself. My friends. Music. Life."
  • "Here're my guesses... Spirits Ghosts Robbers Wizard's duel Magic"
  • f---
    "Didn't we have that same conversation at school tazia? Or something very much like it? Hosted of Matt...the walking, talking enc..."
    "Well, mine don't have to's not as if anyone here would be able to track this. Hopefully......."
    "Hi, yeah, this is Sarah...or DK...whichever one you choose."
    "Guess who this is!"

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