What should you have been named?

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What kind of person would you be- a jock, nerd, geek, the person who everyone wants to be, or that one crazy, unique person that catches eyes and turns heads?

Find out here! Also learn your name- names are based on personalities, and names shape who you are. Remember, this may not work for everyone :) have fun with this, and good luck :D

Created by: Laurencia
  1. Do you play sports? If so, which?
  2. Do you use makeup?
  3. Are you confident?
  4. Are you narcissistic? (dont worry, it's okay to admit it)
  5. Do you think you're good looking?
  6. Do you enjoy helping people?
  7. Do you get good grades?
  8. Do you spread rumors?
  9. Do you like food?
  10. Do you work out?
  11. Are you tall?

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Quiz topic: What should I have been named?