Could you survive he who must not be named

There are many people who claim to be the Chosen One - a star Hogwarts Pupil and the ability to take down he must not be named. But do you really have the skills and character to be the chosen one?

Are you ready to see if you can be the Chosen one.. it will take a lot of smarts, courage and depth of character. Answer a few questions to see if you can be a legend before you finish your 7th year at Hogwarts.

Created by: harmony13

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  1. Can you sense danger even when it is not apparent?
  2. What wand do you think most suits you?
  3. what is your wand core?
  4. How good are you at making potions?
  5. Could you be the next great Seeker?
  6. Are you willing to search the halls of the school at night?
  7. Are you good at spells?
  8. Can you calm magical creatures?
  9. Can you win the Triwizard Tournament?
  10. On a scale of 1-5 how would you rate yourself as a wizard or witch?

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