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  • "I feel like I have to give myself up for people to like me... Like at first nobody liked me but then once i started being more open it seeme..."
  • "why is football called football when you mainly throw the ball? why are christians so defensive when someone asks why they th"
  • "i got one... okay so last year i somehow got a really bad rep like people were saying i was sexually involved with at least 7 different guys..."
  • The response game.
    "i would do whatever her wanted me to so he wouldn't hurt me (assuming its a guy) what if you were the opposite gender?"
  • Why can't I be happy?
    "I know I'm not a puppet but I meant she wouldn't let me take dance classes and that's what I want. I do dance when I'm alone but I want to t..."
  • "When somebody wants to help me when all I really want to do is die. Like if you wanna help me then kill me; talking won't make me feel bette..."
  • The response game.
    "Then I'd be some serious s--- What if life was just a game?"
  • Why can't I be happy?
    "That's actually a really good idea but I'm doing online school and I don't have any way of communicating with people and if I find a way, I'..."
  • Why can't I be happy?
    "I'm trying to be happy and think of the great opportunities the future could bring but I just can't get myself to smile anymore..."

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