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  • whispers
    "Javi is being obnoxious and wants to tell him something so the rest is from Javi. Javier: BRODER BRODER MY EUROPEAN B"
  • Wedding's tomorrow.
    "Staying at Victoria's place because she said I'm not supposed to see Javi until tomorrow apparently? Anyways, I'm really ner"
  • "We'll see! Javi and I are in tough situations, but you're a very close friend of Alice's. Just make sure you learn Spanish. Jaja."
  • "Thanks, Audree. Maybe you can, we just have to find a way to get you to Buenos Aires. Thank you Tim. You will soon! I took a "
  • "And guess who's mad because there always has to be drama near the date of something important.. 9_9 Javier is so confusing, r"
  • "Ha, losers."
  • "Dos!"
  • Oh, uhmm.. wow.
    "Oh Dios, si. I sound like a little girl of your age.. Suspiro.. I guess I understand that. It's just I feel like I don't make"
  • Oh, uhmm.. wow.
    "I guess.. I don't know. I look at the ring and I think I don't like it there. Or anywhere near me, I suppose. Lately Javi has"
  • Arisu?
  • A list of my accounts.
    "Am I the only Southern American country she has an account for?! :c"
  • I'm making cupcakes.
    "Roberto would love you right now.."
  • "Tiger and Bunny, so hard. It's really good in my opinion. If you're looking for something disturbing, mindf---ing, feelsy, an"
  • Tch...
    "Ehh, basically Alice is here being whiny and sad, no big deal really. Now I'm off to bed, so goodnight to you from the both o"
  • Tch...
    "Bueno, weona."

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