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  • "pretend that's in the font thing-"
  • "i dont remember what all the characters look like from where the wild things are [i[but i know they're pretty cre"
  • GTQ Academy
    "i wouldn't do false advertising though, if people wanted to buy it, they'd know what they're getting *holds up a potion in a bottle named Fe..."
    ""My name's Hoshiko, but you can also call me Yoshi.""
  • The House
    "yeah it was i guess an alright story but it was really inappropriate for gtq"
  • Get Your New Power!
    "me want shapeshifting power i reeeeeeeally wanna be a fennec fox"
  • "i did have an imaginary friend her name was emily and she looked kind of like hilda from hilda because emily had b"
  • "i havent gotten the vaccine cause im not eighteen"
  • song lyrics hehe
    "*sigh* im sad this is stuck in my head... anyway this is chug jug with you [Verse 1: All] We got a nu"
  • GTQ Comic (2)
    "I laughed a little bit from how Slash trying to be tough."
    "Hoshiko snuck out and saw a forest so she walked into it. When she was walking for a while, she saw something so she slowly and carefully wa..."
  • "Name: Brooke/Eden Age: (not based off my real age cause i hate sharing it) 23 Gender: Non-binary Appearance: Dyed green ha"
  • "sigh*))"
  • ""Sure, I guess it's not like it'll kill me." Nikki said with a small sig."
    ""I really need to go outside...But what if they catch me? Whatever...I'm just gonna go and do it." Hoshiko thought as she lied on her..."

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