Your Privacy is Important to GoTo Quiz

We have a firm commitment to our visitors' privacy here at GoTo Quiz. You can read the details in our privacy policy, but below we will give a quick overview of how we respect your privacy.

We Don't Sell Visitor Data

Read the privacy policy for specifics, but suffice it to say that GoTo Quiz will never sell out its visitors and hand your data over to another company. We aren't in this to make a quick buck by turning you over to spammers. We seek to establish a reputation as a site that handles visitor privacy with respect.

You can see evidence of this when creating a quiz here: No personal information is required! How many sites can say that? Most require you to create an account before you can make a quiz, and they require your e-mail address. At GoTo Quiz, sharing your e-mail address or other personal info is not needed to create a quiz.

Furthermore we partner only with reputable advertisers who have a history of handling privacy issues with respect. You won't find any adware or other spammy, scummy advertisers here.

If You Agree With Our Stance...

If you agree with the position we've taken on privacy matters, please make us YOUR number one quiz site. And tell your friends about us! We appreciate your support.

Now let's get back to the quizzes! You can create one, or try out one of today's Top 40. Hope you have fun!