Welcome to the wasteland, this quiz is to see what role you would have in a post apocalyptic world. the world is in turmoil, survivors are constantly confronted by the dangers of the wasteland.

I hope you enjoy my quiz and if you do not get a good result then feel free to try it out again and again, but please be honest to see your true result. enjoy and GOOD LUCK...

Created by: david
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  1. Where would you live ?
  2. have you ever fired a gun ?
  3. you come across a small farming community, their crops were destroyed by raiders, what do you do ?
  4. raiders attack you, 5 surround and taunt you, you have a bat, canned beans and a gold compass. what would you do ?
  5. you arrive at an encampment, 6 dead bodies lie there, a woman is the only survivor left.
  6. you see a lonely dog standing over its dead previous owner, what do you do ?
  7. you are surrounded by mutants, you have 3 shotgun shells left, but there is 15 mutants.
  8. two guards stop you from going into a settlement.
  9. you have no food. do you:
  10. what role would you prefer.

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