Who would you be in a post-apocalyptic wasteland

we will live through this event. Will you? ?????????????????????????

moo goes the cow??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????spacebar. lolz

Created by: Zorexis

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  1. You see a flash in the sky and a massive shockwave starts rocking the ground and all your surrondings. do you?
  2. Whats your ideal group for trekking across the wasteland?
  3. whats your ideal weapon in the wasteland?
  4. Ideal Food source?
  5. Transportation?
  6. Armour of choice?
  7. Your whole group dies and you are the soul survivor. how do you deal with this?
  8. You find a little boy with no one protecting him. what do you do with him?
  9. You decide to take on a profession. what is it?
  10. If your walking down a wrecked street and youve got an ipod in your hand what genre would you be listening to

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