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  • I think the opposite. The author seems to be extremely biased against collectivism and in favor of authoritarian capitalism and fascism. Also, I don't know why but some of the questions are not complete(or at least not in my PC).

    PS. I would advise the author to leave any civilised country than his in and move to the libertarian "paradise" of....Somalia! just to feel his ideology firsthand.

  • This was really biased towards collectivist economic models. i got "anarcho-syndicalis t", but I'm really an anarcho-capitalist. That's not an option on this quiz. Still, it was fun to take and you seemed to actually think while you were making the questions, so good job!

  • I consider myself a Communist but got Democratic Socialist. The author of the test appears to see Communism as adverse to democracy rather than capitalism.

  • 100% Communist. 0% everything else.


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