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This quiz will test your knowledge about Pokemon. Some of it will relate to the metagame on a battle simulator. Some material is some basic information you should know about Team Dimensional.

This quiz is designed to be more of an intermediate level. While a tougher quiz could've been created, I thought it would be better to make one that is possible to pass first.

Created by: Mark
  1. Which tier is Scyther in?
  2. Which of the Pokemon is the fastest?
  3. Which of these Pokemon was recently voted into the Uber tier?
  4. How many experience points does a Latios need to reach level 100?
  5. What is Garchomp's base Speed stat?
  6. Which Pokemon has the highest base stat total?
  7. What is Heat Wave's power?
  8. When a Pokemon holding a Damp Rock uses Rain Dance how long will the rain last?
  9. Surprisingly which one of these clauses is not enforced in the Pokemon VGC?
  10. Who is the leader of Team Dimensional?
  11. What does the item Light Ball do?
  12. In Pokemon Yellow, who gives you your first Pokemon?
  13. What is the correct formula for calculating a stat other than HP at any level?
  14. How many EVs can a Pokemon have in a stat?
  15. How many EVs can your Pokemon have total?
  16. What is the probability that a Pokemon will have perfect IVs?
  17. What does Pokerus do?
  18. When Pokemon Black and White come out Glaceon will gain which ability?
  19. Your webmaster was invited to be staff at Worlds this year. True or False?
  20. Which of these Pokemon would be the best Pokemon to use a Master Ball on?

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