what pokemon are you

you may be one of the biggest pokemon fans in this world but here is were you figure out what pokemon you are out of these three so take the test and see what pokemon you are

are you the pokemon you think you are out of thes three pokemon are you charizard are you pikachu or are you snorlax and if you ask me if your snorlax than i feel bad for you

Created by: Justin
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do you get out of the house alot
  2. do you have many friends
  3. you see one of your friends crying what do you do
  4. you have broken something in your friends house what do you do
  5. your talking to someone about one of you biggest secrets and someone else hears it and tells every one they know how do you react
  6. you have someone that comes to your house but you figure out there just using you to get to someone else what do you do
  7. you see some people fighting what do you do
  8. your bored and your friend ask you to a party and then you remember you have to promised you would baby sit for someone what do you tell your friend
  9. you have a friend over but you get mad at them for something what do you do
  10. your mad at someone but you dont know what to do about it do you

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Quiz topic: What pokemon am I