Pokemon Quiz #1

This Quiz is about pokemon ...obviously. if you want to put your pokemon knowledge to the test then this is the quiz for you. if you think you are up for it then go ahead. (this is my easy quiz)

I Have lots of other quizes , and this just happens to be the easiest , if you fail this , you shouldnt even attampt my other quizzes. if you score over 50 % , i would reccomend taking the other quizzes :)

Created by: weedoc2k8

  1. Growlithe Evolves Into...
  2. If Your Pokemon used Takedown , In Addition to doing damage to the opponent , it also
  3. Which Of These Isnt a Gym in Pokemon Diamond / Pearl / Platinum
  4. Which Of These types arent one of eevee's evolution's types
  5. If I Used A Sun stone on my gloom it would evolve into...
  6. If I Put A Ditto In The day care center with a magmar and got an egg , the egg would contain..
  7. Beedrill can learn fly...
  8. How many pokemon are in the pokedex (national)
  9. Breloom cam learn bullet punch
  10. Arceus can learn any move...

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